Fighting Back Against Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is an online marketplace reality that often results in brand erosion and leaves a trail of channel conflict in its wake. Absent a robust plan for marketplace control, dynamic pricing can wreak havoc on margins and lead to increased accruals, chargebacks, and fractured relationships with big box retailers.

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“Fighting Back Against Dynamic Pricing”

Webinar Panelists

  • Garrett Bluhm

    Garrett Bluhm

    Pattern: VP of eCommerce and Marketplace Strategy

  • Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 3.02.15 PM

    Whitney Gibson

    Partner and Leader of Vorys' Online Seller Enforcement


What’s on this Webinar?

• The effect of dynamic pricing in an eCommerce-driven world 
• Fighting back against dynamic pricing through limited distribution
• Aligning a legal foundation and enforcement efforts to control sales
• Creating a game plan for marketplace control and growth 
• Expanding your eCommerce footprint; international growth and moving beyond Amazon

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