Brand Roundtable:Amazon 3P VS 1P

These days, more than 50% of Amazon’s sales come from third-party sellers. But navigating 3P can seem daunting especially if you've only ever sold directly to Amazon or you've never sold on the platform.

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“Brand Roundtable”

Webinar Panelists

  • David Wright

    Dave Wright

    Pattern: Co-Founder & CEO

  • Garrett Bluhm

    Garrett Bluhm

    Pattern: VP of eCommerce and Marketplace Strategy

  • Daren Garcia

    Daren Garcia

    Partner and Leader of Vorys' Online Seller Enforcement

  • Kyle Rosebush

    Kyle Rosebush

    Skullcandy: Sr. Director, Digital and eCommerce

  • Chris Mayhew

    Chris Mayhew

    Spectra Baby: Sales and Marketing Executive

  • Zebra

    Cathy Lowery

    Zebra: Online Commerce Channel Strategy Manager


What’s on this Webinar?

In this Brand Roundtable, eCommerce leaders from brands like Skullcandy, Zebra, Spectra Baby and Vorys discussed:
• The challenges and benefits of navigating 3P on Amazon 
• How brands made the decision to sell 3P
• Some common misconceptions around selling 3P
• Should I try to do 3P myself or should I partner with an eCommerce agency
• FBA  vs. MFN
• Expanding your eCommerce footprint; international growth and moving beyond Amazon