The Great Debate: Is Revenue More Important Than Profit?

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The Great Debate: Is Revenue or Profit More Important? | Pattern

There is a great debate among today’s sales leaders at consumer product brands—a debate that is determining who gets promoted, who beats competitors, and whose organizations are set up for lasting success.

The debate is: Which is more important for ecommerce leaders—growing revenue or profit?

In this eBook, we will:

  • Debunk industry beliefs around "revenue-at-all-costs" models
  • Explain how brands get caught in a Profitability Death Spiral
  • Discuss new cutting-edge strategies that the best VPs of Sales are using to build a Profitability Flywheel
  • Analyze how the Profitability Flywheel promotes healthy growth to increase leverage with retailers and better align to the goals of the company and the executive suite

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