The Evolution of UK Shoppers in 2021

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Watch our one-hour webinar where we take you through the key findings from our newly launched UK Shopper Report; based on results from polling of shoppers in February 2021.

After a year where consumer behaviour had been forced to change quite substantially by lockdown, Pattern decided to measure how big the impact had been and whether the shift to online shopping will stick in 2021.

We discuss:

• How lockdown impacted the way UK consumers shopped and who they bought from in 2020
• Analysis of key differences by demographic, particularly by age
• How shopper behaviour will continue to change this year, including indicators that online spend and Amazon spend will continue to rise
• Why UK shoppers choose to buy from Amazon, what they think of the marketplace and the brands who sell on it
• Why an Amazon strategy is even more crucial now than ever for most categories – and how Amazon fits with your other selling channels

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