The Post-Lockdown Future of Ecommerce

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Watch our webinar where we’ll be discussing what brands and retailers should consider as part of their post-COVID-19 ecommerce strategies for survival, recovery, and future growth.

Global lockdown measures as a result of the pandemic have aggressively shifted consumer behaviour, and the transition from offline to online sales is now five years ahead of expectations. Consumer brands looking to gain more control over their existing channels or find alternative routes to market are re-evaluating their online channel strategies as a result of COVID-19. However, with figures pointing to a near-future recession period, rethinking and adapting your short and long-term strategies to optimise sales during this volatile time could not be more crucial.

In addition to the discussion of how COVID-19 has impacted consumer behaviour, we’ll cover:

• How brands and retailers can take advantage of the rapid growth in sales in the short-term
• Online channel strategy – Defining which online sales channels are appropriate for your brand
• Re-assessing your ranging strategy to cater to demand during this volatile time
• Supply chain considerations – reengineering your strategic approach to survive
• The longer-term impact of global digital acceleration on your online strategy
• Mitigating the impact of a second wave of COVID-19


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