German Shopper Trends 2021

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Join for our one-hour webinar where we take you through the key findings from our newly launched German Shopper Report; based on findings from polling of shoppers in February 2021.

This research follows up on a similar poll conducted among UK consumers, and was designed to assess the immediate and longer-term impact of lockdown on online shopping behaviour.

We also focused on how online shoppers had used Amazon over the last year, when non-essential retail stores had been closed for extended periods of time.

We'll discuss:

  • How lockdown impacted the way German consumers shopped and who they bought from in 2020
  • Analysis of key differences by demographic, particularly by age
  • How shopper behaviour will continue to change this year, including indicators that online spend and Amazon spend will continue to rise
  • Why German shoppers choose to buy from Amazon, what they think of the marketplace and the brands who sell on it
  • Why an Amazon strategy is even more crucial now than ever for most categories – and how Amazon fits with your other selling channels

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