In this eBook you will learn

- The difference between SEO on Google and Amazon

- What is the Amazon flywheel

- Relevancy and Reputation

- Tips and tricks for optimizing product descriptions,

bullet points and A+ content

- How to improve page rank and sales rank
- Practices to avoid And more!

Does your SEO need help? 

Hundreds of new sellers and products are added to Amazon every day. With increased competition you may have found that you're having trouble ranking in keyword searches.


We can help you decipher the A9 Amazon ranking algorithm and help your products rank higher and get in front of the eyes of your customers.

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The importance of SEO on Amazon

There are now more than two million third-party sellers on Amazon. With so much competition, how do make sure potential customers are seeing your products? Search engine optimization (SEO).


When you think of SEO, you may naturally think of big search engines like Google or Bing. But Amazon ads are clicked 42% more often than ads on Google. The conversion rate for Amazon ads is also 3.5 times higher than the rate for Google’s ads.