In this eBook, written by a top 150 law firm, you will learn

- A customized, end-to-end strategy is critical to controlling

online sales

- How to create a customized online pricing policy

- Tips and tricks for enforcing MAP pricing

- Common mistakes companies make And More!

Maintaining a successful MAP program starts with controlling online sales.


When you have multiple online sellers, there’s a huge incentive to break MAP and drop prices. Many of these sellers are selling anonymously, so imposing MAP restrictions or cutting off supply is nearly impossible.


Because online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay dynamically track prices and auto-match accordingly, a single seller can wreak havoc on your MAP policy and cause tremendous friction among your brick-and-mortar retailers as a downward spiral of price dropping and matching ensues.

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eCommerce growth starts with brand control

- Strategic Distribution to clean up your online marketplaces, etc

- Consistent Brand Content across sellers, listings, and marketplaces

- Authorized Sellers who ensure a consistent brand experience